Go therefore and make disciples of all nations . . . – Matthew 28: 19

Believing that God has called us to preach the gospel to all nations, our church supports the following missionaries and ministries:

Ken Heizer Family

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Ken has been appointed Area Director for Europe. His role is to focus on recruiting new missionaries, train and resource the present mission family and provide pastoral care. Along with his wife, Mindi, they will help colleagues plant churches in Europe. Visit BMW’s website: www.biblicalministries.org. for more information on their work.

Eugene and Marsha Enns

Grace Missions in Haiti and Mexico

Eugene is the director of Grace Missions and oversees various ministries in Mexico and Haiti.

Grace Missions
PO Box 126
Henderson, NE 68371

Jon and Sherri Lunow

New Horizons Foundation

Jon and Sherri Lunow, in cooperation with a support team of churches and families and New Horizons Foundation, are Cultivating CHRIST Communities in Indonesia, by helping people experience CHRIST personally, express CHRIST together, and expand CHRIST communities in relational organic environments. God’s eternal purpose is for all things to be summed up in CHRIST, through His Church, His Body, so CHRIST will fill everything with Himself (Ephesians 1, Colossians 1).
GOD Himself declares,
“”Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth; For I am God, and there is no other. “I have sworn by Myself, The word has gone forth from My mouth in righteousness And will not turn back, That to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance.”
Isaiah‬ ‭45:22-23‬ ‭NASB

Grace Baptist Church

Carmathe, Haiti

Marysville adopted the Grace Baptist Church in Carmathe, Haiti as a sister church in 2010. The purpose of this relationship was to help our Haitian believers build a new facility so that they can be more effective in reaching their village for Christ. The new building was completed and a special service was held on September 20, 2015, to dedicate the new facility for God’s glory. We have also raised enough money to partner with Water is Life to drill a fresh water well for the entire village and build a new latrine for the church. We have also started a Christian school through this ministry in the village and it will offer grades from preschool through 6th grade when it is finished.

Bob and Sandy Walz


Bob and Sandy counsel men and women in the market place, meeting with both individuals and couples. They also conduct premarital counseling, and, as a licensed minister, Bob has the privilege of performing weddings. Bob speaks at college student meetings and conducts leadership training. He is on the planning and organizing team for the national Navigators staff conference. Bob was also involved in developing a resource for men’s and women’s ministries in local churches.

Bob Walz

Sandy Walz

5820 S. 43rd Court
Lincoln, NE 68516

Job Gamez and Adria Stamm

Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries

Job and Adria are living in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Working along with others who are part of HFMM (Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries), they are ministering to address several issues in Honduras relating to single mothers, unemployment, high dropout rates of schoolchildren, malnourishment, gang recruiting and drugs, as well as false teaching and doctrine. They are sharing Christ’s love and salvation through relationships as they work towards developing a demonstration farm and cooperative, repair wells for those without access to potable water, work with kids and youth in the local church Awana program, lead Bible studies, and disciple individuals.

(In Honduras, the women don’t take the last name of their husbands when they marry.)                                             

Monthly Updates: https://godmakesitgrow.wordpress.com/
Support Information: https://godmakesitgrow.wordpress.com/support/

M & B

IBM Global in Turkey

Full names and a photo are not posted due to security reasons.

IBM Global
P.O. Box 607
NashuaNH 03061

Lamar E. Whitson

GameBreakers Academy

As I complete 5 years of fruitful ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I am confident that God has called me from FCA into a more focused ministry opportunity. After seeking God and wise counsel, I am excited to be a part of launching GameBreakers Academy in Kansas City. GameBreakers Academy will allow me to continue leveraging the incredible gift of sport and provide an even greater opportunity to deeply and more holistically invest in the lives of young men in my community.

As I navigate this transition, I take with me a wealth of friendships, experiences, growth, and immense gratitude for what God has done. I have been stretched and challenged by many leaders and situations that I believe have helped prepare me to build this ministry called GameBreakers Academy. A heart-breaking stigma is that young men in my community are expected, by many, to underachieve in most aspects of life. I believe that our King, Jesus, expects much more. GameBreakers Academy has been created out of that belief and is uniquely positioned to help young men defy those expectations and train them to live a life and leave a legacy that embodies Kingdom principles and displays the abundant life in Christ. To accomplish this, we will strive to walk in deep relationship with young men and their families; while focusing on athletics, education, and spiritual growth.

While launching GameBreakers Academy, I will continue coaching at Central High School as I have the past two years; using that as an avenue to meet and invest in young men, serve my local community and partner with other individuals who are impacting the young people in the neighborhood. Laying this foundation is exciting, but I cannot do it alone and I want to ask for your help in accomplishing this.

3420 Bellefontaine Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64128

Miguel and Jenny Bejarano

Fellowship of Berean Churches

The Bejaranos started serving the Hispanic Community in Southeast Nashville when they launched Iglesia Biblica el Faro (Lighthouse Bible Church) in June 2013. They are serving there as the lead church planters. Home Bible studies are the core to their growth and evangelism. They focus on reaching family and friends of the host homes for a season and then move on to a new home to help them reach their family and friends.

3105 Goodwin Dr.
Nashville, TN 37217

Voice of the Martyrs


Voice of the Martyrs is a nonprofit interdenominational mission organization dedicated to serving persecuted Christians around the world.

Leslie Burford

Leslie Burford – ReachGlobal Mobilization and Training & Development

Ministry: foster connections and encourage churches and individuals to engage in cross-cultural ministry opportunities. Leslie works on a variety of mobilization projects, such as coordinating a local Perspectives class, working with EFCA pastors and youth to recruit and equip for overseas projects, and promoting ReachGlobal in her network. She also works with the Training & Development team to equip future cross-cultural workers during various Prefield Training cohorts. Leslie is also working to develop new curricula that RG teams across the globe can use to strengthen team dynamics and foster a continuous learning culture in our ever-changing world. She is grateful for this opportunity to invest in ReachGlobal teams in more than 40 countries through recruitment and education.
223 N Broadway
Riley, KS 66531